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april 2008

Break6:26am monday, 28th april
Another time to take a break. I don’t know how many of you have been with me from the beginning, but I wager not very many. You would know that from time to time, I take a break from writing on this site, usually because there is too much else going on with my life. Generally, all things are very good, but there are issues that I must attend to. Mostly they deal with the line of work I started last June, a venture a long time coming. I’ve been working 32 hour days, sleeping for 16 hours afterwards. It’s exhausting. It’s great. But basically, it’s sapping any and all strength that I have to do anything at all, so some part of my life has to give. This, here, has to be it. Dunno when I’ll have the chance to come back, so goodbye for now. Wish me luck. Hope to be back someday.
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waters12:09am thursday, 24th april
hearts break all over the place: it’s a mess just everywhere
some of us have erected a dam around our insides, because
we have drowned before in the waters when we had let it in

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Coolness12:07am sunday, 20th april
There is one song in my music collection, which, when I hear it come on, I half can’t believe that it is actually completely mine. As if at some point either during the tune, or right after it is over, that it shall be erased from existence, snatched from my clutches and only after a hard search could it be mine again. Perhaps it is that cool. Perhaps, instead, that we are all of us that used to disappointment. The good, when it comes, we have experienced that it never lasts. So when a thing happens, or is, of lasting worth, we sniff it suspiciously, not letting ourselves bite at it whole lest it be some kind of trap. Surprised rather pleasantly when no mechanism goes off, and the treasure really is ours....
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unspoken12:25am wednesday, 16th april
i have spied the poetry in your movings
i became lost in its rhythm, the curves the words painted
i cannot imagine that you meant to be so intricate
but the moonlight’s dalliance hides and reveals what is in your eyes
you are a candle in the dark of all unspoken hopes
you have imagined me into breath, out of the nothing was i
brewed in your hot lips, rising like smoke

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Frailty12:14am saturday, 12th april
The frailty of my psyche should not cause me any concern. For that which is inside me is girded by an invincible spirit, that flows within me and without me, that lets me know that I am a child of the Most High. I have been privy to the secret, that work is magic (for we take for granted a thing like functionality itself): the mercies have dug me from the pit, and I act even as a fledgling does, these days: at the edge of the nest, ready to take wing. However weak I feel at times, I have the strength of One who does not fail that guides my light. And I must remember that to live is a fearful thing, if one stops and thinks too long on it; better to relish in the experience, the highs and lows, and for all that happens, to know that we have won.
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The Movies12:15am tuesday, 8th april
Maybe it is like in the movies. Maybe the world gets saved, again and again, and we never are the wiser that we were that close to oblivion, destruction, cataclysm, all of us. The only way to know if this is so would be if we stepped into that narrow window of the supernal fates, that only the heroes and villains are privy to. The aliens and the men in black. The bearer of the charm and the hidden world underneath the surface of the present day. Perhaps these stories do that well because in us, they speak to that child within us that never lost their belief in magic. Who wants to think that we are all of us at every step only a wrong turn away from the chance to save the world. Blink, and everything’s alive.
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next12:01am friday, 4th april
may the light without sound shine upon your dying
may fires wither that desire to pierce your features
how time creeps by when you crouch to watch it close
how it slips the years in one glance into the mirror
there is a nothing my mind tries to wrap itself around
it stays vaguely out of reach even as it alludes itself
but a mystery is never what is there when it is revealed

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