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These are nine "best of" sets for this site, links within this journal of what I consider the highlights of the things I've posted. The date range links are links to the journal entries where I first featured these "best of" entries, and you may leave comments there, if you like.

August - October 2001

The following are some of my favorite entries from the first three months of this site. This will be good for those who have been with me from the beginning as a recap on where we've traveled from, and to new visitors this will offer some familiarity with what I'm about.

10/7/88 - The time that Infinity saved my life.

Black Iron Prison - When I found myself not on earth, but before my madness.

BIP 2 - How I was released from the Black Iron Prison.

Gnosticism - My own Gnostic myth, written during my madness.

Rosanna Arquette? - A dip into my last, recent madness.

Crossroads? - Words that Jesus in my head gave me, during my last madness.

A thought - A paragraph about birds.

Trust - About an experience I had in Korea with a bird in the forest.

Another clip - A drawing from within my older madness.

Recent - A drawing from my more recent madness.

I'm okay - My breakthrough from my last madness.

November 2001 - January 2002

These are, perhaps, the best of the entries from November 2001 through January 2002. My favorites, in any case. Putting these together in this fashion does quite bring back some memories.

A heart - The meaning of a candle.

A poem - "Out of Madness", a poem about emerging out of psychosis.

Rapture - Regarding the phrase "God is love".

Hope - The unasked question.

Yearsbook - An idea I had about my own gravestone.

30 Seconds - Inhibitors, and lacks thereof.

Madness? - What madness is, and sanity, too.

I Will - The things I need keep, if I am to be me.

Doors - Not the band, but about running into them, going through them.

Once - Another poem, a sort of summary.

Inspired - Regarding VvG (Vincent van Gogh), and his Starry Night.

February - April 2002

These are the best of my journal from February through April 2002.

Me - A little explanation of my most recent psychotic episode.

Eyewing - An interesting image I drew, an element of a dream.

Nightmares - A poem about, yes, nightmares.

Breath - "In fire visions yearn to breathe...".

Untitled - A sijo about looking at the world and this life.

Poem Me - A charming little ditty; a meta-poem.

Words - A short discourse on the value of words.

Snowflakes - On how we are like snowflakes, and how we are not.

Love Is - What is love?

Nothing - Can we comprehend that word, "nothing"?

The Fisherman - A parable, of sorts.

May - July 2002

The cream of the entries (as far as I see it) from May through July of the year of our Lord 2002.

Time/Life - The unceasing of time, a life to be caught.

Ethereal - These words we write, what are they?

Recollection - Remembering how lost I was, and being found.

In the Beginning - What there was before there was anything.

Fadeout - A sijo about being ephemeral, "Beginning as dust...".

Capable Of - On our true selves, and what we are capable of.

Soliloquy to a Mirror - A message to myself, looking myself in the eye.

What I Remember - A paragraph+ on recollections of my madness.

Tell - A vision? A little mad, perhaps? Just a poem?

What I Am - A short little piece about the nature of me.

Song the Fifth - Entitled, "Modern Day Love", written during my madness.

August - October 2002

These will be what I call my favorite entries in this journal from August through October of the palindromic year, 2002.

Love Note - A love note to my true love, whom I've never met.

Why Anything? - Why is there something instead of nothing?

Words from Where? - Some more words from the visions in my head.

Diagram - What happens to us in Heaven and Hell.

A Little Faith - A little idea of faith, in my imagining.

Goodbyes - Regarding our goodbyes, or when we never get them.

O Night - A farewell to the darkness.

Imaginary - My imaginary family, and the imaginary world.

I Recall - A couple things I recall, from back when....

In the Dreaming - Things I discovered in the dreaming.

November 2002 - January 2003

The following are what I believe to be the best of my efforts from November of 2002 through January of 2003:

Night and Day - A poem of the two and their brief meeting.

Recollection 5 - One of the more curious effects of my past madness.

Dreamers... - Dream with me.

Where You Go - That place where you may yet find yourself.

Remember Me - Some things to carry with you that I may give.

Imagining - A sijo about two blinks and their outcomes.

Sweet Nothings - Some little things scattered through my mind.

A Prayer (Thanks) - Thanks to the One above.

Myths - Of a flower in the darkness.

Essence - Sometimes it is a good time to be alive.

Between the Lines - A poem that rhymes the word it would disguise.

February - April 2003

These ditties are what I deem the cream of my crop from February through April of our cool little year 2003. From now on, I will do this at every 6 month interval instead of the 3 I have been doing:

I Dream... - Some of my dreaming, whatever it may mean.

Circle - A sijo about the cycle of day and night.

It Is Easy - Things that are easy to slip to, if we stop not to think.

Wonder - I wonder: what is this thing, life, that we travel through?

Of Rain - Of looking through the window, and being invited in.

This Is Love - Yes, the mystery: yet this we know.

To Do - These things I need to do as I walk on.

Stranger, Wondering - Otherwhiles like a child, this stranger.

Imaginary Dreams - Three dreams I imagined I dreamed.

In One Moment - What can happen in just this moment.

River - A poem of madness pumping through one's veins.

May - October 2003

As promised, as the six months have passed since I last collected these, it is time now to go back and look at what I consider the most potent of my writings, and perhaps, you might think so, too.

Colors - A sijo about the blue and the black, and other colors.

Placeholders - These arbitrary things that become our cornerstones.

Angels' Song - "Fear not: what you have waited for will come to pass...."

Draw - A little ditty about a man who drew on himself every day.

Me, Myself, I - About looking in the mirror and not recognizing him I see.

Gray Wings - Gliding past the hills of my wondering, and what I observe.

Meandering - Touching beauty and death, meandering my way on.

Ecstatic Visions - About waking up from the ecstatic vision.

Before, During, After - Three fates, or only one shedding her skin?

Memory Zero - A sijo about smoke, and time, and the still waters.

No Memory - Poem, here, about the me whom you met that is not me.

November 2003 - April 2004

It has been another six months, so these that follow are the latest and greatest from this time period past.

Sunset - "...slow sunset descend in the music of the summer winds."

A Couple Clues - These I have learned from experience; they might help.

Elsewhere - Questioning where we go in our madness.

My True Love - What I imagine of my love, true.

Illusion - On how I am less than a wind, fainter than a ghost.

Breathless Run - Running across the horizon, across the snow.

Simulacrum - How I am living someone else's life.

Phantasms - Perhaps why my visions never explain themselves.

Gears - A sijo about the disintegration of the sky.

Windows - Having nothing to do with Microsoft or Bill Gates.

In the Quiet - Of the whispers, of the dark, of imagination and Death.


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