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Generation X Redux 23:16am thursday, 30th august
We live in the shadow of the generations that have come before us, and stood so much taller than we
ever knew how to, because we could never be heirs to the pride that came before us — we never knew:
we never knew what it was to struggle, and therefore, could never hope to win against any odds:
we always had had enough, and so were never satisfied, and when we got more and more and more, if we could,
we stripped off the skin and threw away the meat, whether we could afford to or not, sometimes
even to spit out the tastiest tidbits, out of a contempt for some unnamable thing, perhaps
what we desired most of all, and never figured out that we could have had it, so easily, and never tried to.

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Generation X Redux 112:07am sunday, 26th august
Media saturation, deluged by so much information that we don’t know where we stand anymore:
we are the children of this age, a childhood strangely extended, and sharply shortened, apocalypses
that come and go with the TV seasons: catered to for as long as we have electronic shopping carts to personalize,
crowds of us that speak in acronymic grunts, wondering if the word “perversion” ever had meaning
(or if it was an old media creation, too, like “love”): dreaming in pixels, so digitized our eyes, not
ever having seen a photograph that was not retouched, watching reality on TV, not wondering
why In Real Life, that which is not recorded never happened, and fiction is more effective than experience.

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apple12:05am wednesday, 22nd august
one apple-shaped truth floated in a thousand strands of lies
i swam for a mile out into the deeps, never to wonder why
where the sun touched the horizon: there, i went diving for light

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More Quotes by Me2:12am saturday, 18th august
Everything can change in an instant — it just usually doesn’t.

Addiction is a love affair without the love.

You can always ask why.

Great happiness only comes when there is much to lose.

There is no question, love is the answer.

Do not yearn for what you fear.

To be tormented by demons means you are not of the demons.

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Dreamdrive12:01am tuesday, 14th august
Oft, the dream is doing the driving, the thing is dreaming you, and you are merely the flesh that it needs to contact with the world of solidities. Else if it is not like this, too easily they are forgotten, misinterpreted, brought up in conversation and nodded about, but with no real effect on anything at all. When the dream has gripped you, it can be a superhuman thing. Otherwise, when you must constantly remind yourself of it, the heart tires too easily, the mind too liable to fatigue — and the grip is let go, a practical measure, a well meaning failure. It might be wise, even, if one were to try and forget all the dreams we have: for the true one will not go away. The dream that is kin to destiny has its ways of making itself known in the world.
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Convergence2:08am saturday, 11th august
I wait for the convergence of all things. I do what I can to accelerate the process. For in me is the belief that time will resolve into a dew upon the light of a new dawn. That things will happen and people will act, that plans will come to fruition — if not in the common of occurrence, then in the rare instance of hope that comes to be fulfilled. I wait for the rain to fall, which will precursor the greenness of spring; I wait for the moon to be full, that I might see the color of your eyes in its pale glow. I remember to plant the seeds that the waters are drunk, and I remember to invite you out into the forest, out into the night, when the looking out will cast the proper magic. Anticipation may be a delicious thing. And the future not always to come to an end, or even then, that beginnings may sprout from the bleakest of aftermath, after the most final of ceasing.
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believe12:17am monday, 6th august
embers of a dream, and firelight
the years slouch on, the world becomes shorter as we age
from the ground lifted, forgetting our yesterday’s weight
(did we even exist in that ambiguous time?)
faith in my inmost inmost fires
home to a thousand unnamed words, a vocabulary of silence
compelled by the illusion of time to accelerate my wondering
(imagine time, wrapped around itself: a rose)
we live our lives shrouded in sound
darkness slips from our grasping; we hold nothing at all
the transience of the dream, glances off our perceptions
(returned from nowhere, the moment is blank)

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continuity12:34am thursday, 2nd august
all that we are ever promised is that life will go on
civilizations may fall, but always, the end is still not yet
the continuity of the stream flows its ceaseless logic

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