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december 2015

Merry Christmas!6:32pm friday, 25th december
i dreamed of a rose made of fire
whose smoke was sweet
smoldering in the whispers of angels
whispering to me, "go"
go and find the door to the sky
where we lead you, go
and step through to that other side
that you cannot imagine
a billion stars being born and dying
and a searching wind
it wraps us in the invisible smooth
it becomes our body
for it is not we who walk the earth
it is the sensation
our experience mostly seeking our eyes
our place lost in time
where the dreaming rains in watercolor
and the rose of fire
is painted on the black of the night
like it were blooming
in an eternity, in a single hour

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forward8:06am tuesday, 15th december
this is the way the world begins
this is the way the world begins
the eye can have its fill of seeing
the ear can have its fill of hearing
after which you notice nothing
after which time steals everything
do you not hear now the sound?
the entire horizon is opening
the waters rushing to new destinations
we once scarcely held the hope
against the darkness in flickering light
a single candle cupped in the hand
when we whispered of love to the flame
as whispers were collected, and fire
we watched so many souls recede
into the darkness swallowed, gone
did we not know this would happen?
the revolution came in fits and starts
and it is still now fighting on
have you not read the signs?
the prophets' graffiti foretold
how everyone's 15 minutes were expiring
in the future everyone is someone
it is already beginning to transpire
thy will be done on earth as in heaven
so many lives lost toward that
we cannot fathom these depths of loss
they yet move us to reach the light
as the dreaming thaws without fear
we have reached the breaking
the fire never died: we remembered
and hope for a new day stands
prepared for an eternity of dawns
i dropped a whisper in the wind
i am here, and there is no time

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23 seconds7:16pm wednesday, 2nd december
time ticks at a gap of 23 seconds ahead
behind the door of the unrehearsed world
the grace of love was not met
by unrelending ovations, tv multitudes
i have bathed in such glows
silent at times, like shooting stars
finding a home in the fires of falling
i cannot hear the sound of the offended
your broadcast signal is inadequate
the argument you use is noise
it is lost in the dreamless hiss
lo, i have become as a soul of fire
wandering in the science of burning
kin to the seraphim at the face of God
see? all the saints these days are plastic
all the sacraments are make believe
and the man upstairs a projection
still, there is light, precious and free
enough sun to shroud you in dawn
now, the writing on the wall paints my doubt
it is the image of childhood darkness
teeming with imaginary the realities
and now, like light, i reach into the future
the child who believed, a little dead
who learned to walk the darkness
so, i leave myself 23 seconds behind
time enough to change everything just once
as i burn with life, without deceit
go the path down horizon’s breach
in love with all the queer aches and pains
good and evil on my shoulders, at war
i hear sweetness in the sound of the void
i swear i could hear the roses sing

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