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Routine6:53am thursday, 30th july
So, in Standland, I am still in the routine of working at the day job, going home, ordering delivery food, then writing. After the two books I wrote after/about the Event (having been the end of the War in Heaven), I have been doing most of the production on a website, whose domain name I paid over $4000 for. And now I've started yet another website, which has a cool title, and which will end up being another book. Not much there yet. The website I mentioned previous, that about has enough info on it to just make it so that it functions as an informational site which, though supplemental to my books, stands on its own with a fascinating philosophy. Well, I think it's fascinating, anyway, stuff I gathered from my experiences as a soldier in the War. And it may be that the thing I was promised right before the Event, namely, the curing of my split mind—it may now be in the works. I have prayed, though: let me never forget the lessons that I have learned, nor the miracles I have witnessed. Word. Peace. Out.
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doves3:00pm monday, 20th july
i let loose the doves of my thought
a flurry of wings as the light scatters
i am busy imagining random apocalypses
remembering how i kissed the feet of God
have you been to where color is born?
it is between the light and the dreaming
it is where birdsong slows to whalesong
nothing breathed that wasn't once of heaven
fire once used to dance on my fingertips
and i told eternity to wait to celebrate
and it all came around, i became noone
even less than what my father had deposited
i had thrown it all away spectacularly
and forgot how exactly how that had come
shuffling through the trash, my home
not knowing: it is God who lives there
the words of the prophet had so declared
night became my womb, though what is born?
then there was a savior in my visions
i believed him not, even when he showed me
how it would look from infinity's sight
and miracles i believed not my own eyes
and there came a day that was not a day
a year that was more than a year, i think
after a lifetime, more than a lifetime
i saw the light, and it was good, that's all
to work out the kinks in visions of horror
but to end in the eye of a child of God
my own eye, having learned how i am nothing
still shuffling through the trash, you know
for God is there, you see, captured
not as a prisoner, but one who frees
in His eye, if one catches the right angle
life and death, beyond the highest heaven
the light which shines in our hearts
what exactly it is we find when we were lost
what it is we were capable of, all along

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flight5:17am wednesday, 8th july
in the opening of the endless word
the idea is rendered in the bones:
are you small enough to love the world?
the legend of me is many myths long
as wide as the road to destruction
time threatens to stop, in vain
it is written in my dna to doubt
to dream deep in the womb of the earth
of silver horses that rush like rivers
ground zero of my forgotten desire
that which lazy with gravity pretends
which no longer plays nice with pain
why did i return arbitrarily home?
where dawn steadily claims the sky
i surrendered to the most distant light
which returned me to myself, as if
i lived in the reality in the mirror
only to catch glimpses of my true world
and i find myself huge, made of knots
that i do not forget the lighter things
to gaze into heavens where stars fall
could i expect the sheer perspective?
in the eyelash of infinity, there am i
who ate a star and spit out a particle
just waiting for eternity to blink
it happens to all of us: we are born
the most extraordinary of ordinary
to turn the corner when shows too soon
the tunnel full of eyes, and the light
where we wake from this solid world
flight is to forget there are shadows

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NotArt #312:17am wednesday, 1st july

A third photo I added text to.

Click above to get a larger version.

Based on a dream I had.

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