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march 2008

cushioned12:13am monday, 31st march
the horror is not real, not to we walled up in carpet
there are wilder parts of the world we will never know, where is blood
the pains we feel are much of all who ever lived jealous of

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The Weird1:48am thursday, 27th march
Visions pass before me in alchemies of imagination: such strange brews and forms, archetypes without names, brimming with meanings that I do not yet comprehend. I have been lost in the land of ideals for so long, out in the boondocks of their country, where the weird semblances shuffle by, where the flying things are impossibly aloft. How can ideas be so brute in nature? How can information be so piercing? I cannot imagine anyone else has ever been here, but I am probably wrong in this assessment. It is only a corner of the dreaming, and I think people have been to places deeper and more bizarre: what were they like when they emerged? For I am sometimes myself twisted, bent in peculiar ways by what I have seen, and smelled. Touched by the weird.
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Happy Easter!12:46am sunday, 23rd march
What are we supposed to believe? That a man rose from the dead, alone in a tomb, who was surely deceased, with no intervention save God above? That is the meat of it. With our “modern” sensibilities, we who have lead miracle-free lives, how are we to swallow such fare? I do not know if Christian Science so believes this, but it is in my opinion that Jesus Christ had science beyond us, not any kind of magic. That the miracles came from how He understood the world can work. This is what we believe: that his genius was beyond all genius, being the Son of the Infinite. When we think on what He said to us, we get glimpses of this kind of knowledge, this authority. If you care to look, He prayed like no mere saint ever has. This is what we believe: so great a man lived, a savior for all humanity. We recognize Him today.
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Numbers Redux2:02am thursday, 20th march
I am oppressed by numbers: everything means something. 7 with 11, 11 with 7, 7:11 in the morning after I’ve stayed up all night, 11:07 pm glancing down from the local news, even 1:17 in an average afternoon — all these point to something being figured out or some such epiphany appearing before me. 6:16 pm is the worst of times, for that was one of the numbers of the Beast, when spelled with different letters: a variety on NERO CAESAR. 211 relates to a number of a class I was taking in 1988 — back to the infinite light that makes that year a herald of great phenomena. For some reason, 211 has something to do with relationships; it’s complicated. And actually, the class number was 15-211, and of course, 15 is one of the numbers of God. As is 26. These numbers are good, but as it is with enlightenment, I must shed even the good karma. I must escape these numerologies, somehow. Somehow.
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archeology12:01am monday, 17th march
i am aloft, floating in a stream of information
the idea has been hiding in oblivion, dug out from creation
i have picked at the outline, careful not to break the metaphor
clumps of false equations lie all around me
i do not know to where i drift, but trust these currents
to where next i must excavate, sift through the unknowns
where i dig, i shake the dust of immortals

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awakening4:30am thursday, 13th march
there is no rhythm to our awakening
reason hides in plain sight, refuses to wink at us
the tragedy invades our sleeping, cold
hands that feel our foreheads forget we met
we smell it to be so, in our dreamings shouted it
all we could do was expose it, show it
the underlying logic as simple as love itself

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Yes, More Art12:01am sunday, 9th march

“Girl Before a Mirror”, by Picasso.

Click on this to get a larger version.

This was on a t-shirt I used to have, back when I thought doing drugs was a fun pastime. To see this painting again makes me a little sad, makes me pity the former me a bit. He has a very rough road ahead.

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Code of Honor1:14am wednesday, 5th march
My code of honor contains one item, namely, “Don’t be a hypocrite.” It sums up basically all I would have as far as my actions should go. Don’t judge anyone anything, because you are not them, and you yourself would most probably have done the same thing, given what they were given at that point. Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t do yourself, or whenever possible, that you have done some time yourself in the relatively recent past. The Golden Rule even fits in, in that if you wouldn’t like it done to you, don’t be a hypocrite and do it to someone else. Don’t complain, I tell myself. God knows what He’s doing. Hm. Maybe that should be #2 in that code....
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prophecy12:30am saturday, 1st march
i lurch forward from the slumber still wet from the dreaming
and with half an eye in another plane, everything glows softly
the prophecy hidden in a thousand questions no one asks

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