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Meaning7:02pm tuesday, 24th november
The believer said there is a God, and explained how a book he had told him all about that God, and since he had been told what to believe about Him, there was no need to add or subtract what he thought God’s will was. The atheist said there is no God, and explained how science tells us all about the world, and that since science could not make sense of omniscience and omnipotence, God could not possibly exist, and if anyone said there is a God, that person better have some extraordinary evidence to prove it. The agnostic said he didn’t know whether there was a God or not, and he went on to say that this was the most rational approach, because he said that no one really does know, neither the believer nor the atheist, because you cannot prove it either way—at least, not to them. Then there came a child who would lead them all, and the believers said it was foretold, and the atheist said he was a prodigy, and the agnostics said, let’s see what he does. The child said, “Wise people before me have told you how to live, no matter what you believe. Why do you not do it?” Then he said, “Do you know what it is, the meaning of life?” And they all huddled around him to hear the words. “Life. Life is the meaning of life. Now go, be meaningful.”
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matter12:33am monday, 16th november
we must live like it matters that we lived
we must work like it matters what we do
there is so much hate, so much cruelty
i tell myself there is hope, just wait
understanding to wait is not nearly enough
the knowing in me says the beginning is near
i want to shout it from the bell tower!
when the shrapnel flies in certain quarters
we all shrug our shoulders, think nothing
nobody says, never again—it is always again
can it possibly be we will never awake?
evil is entrenched in the world at large
the documentaries show it to our faces
so many are become the refuse of this age
dead dead dead dead... they are all dead
sometimes to think a good life is an island
and the oceans around us all are toxic
at any given wave to sweep us into tragedy
we pray and hope that mercy does not expire
we must live like it matters that we lived
we must work like it matters what we do
but if the unkind renders us casual victims
you will find us heroes, newly found braves
this audience fears not to take the stage
and you will find it is you who are afraid

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The Prophet8:41am sunday, 8th november
The prophet stood in the middle of the street with his proclamation: “THE BEGINNING IS NEAR!” And no one knew what to think. What did he mean? The world for all appearance was in the middle—of something or rather, right? That was all that anyone knew of it. When they came forth from their mother’s womb it was to join a stream, the world stream, whose beginning was too far back for any memory, save stone, and stone it was sometimes difficult to pry any recollection from it, what had been when it had been younger. And the end, one might admit, was something of a mystery too, for when anyone ended they were no longer around to prize their circumstance. But when people said that the end was nigh, this was what people were expecting to hear, from the wild eyed and wild haired servant of some god or cause. It was understood: they were talking about the end of the world. So what was this, now, all about, the beginning? How can the world begin if we are at the middle? Or even were we to restart, wouldn’t the world have to end first, to begin again? The prophet said, “It will not be tomorrow, but some tomorrow’s tomorrow you will look around and wonder how it could have been, the injustice, the hunger, the hate, and the stupidity. For the world will wake from its madness, and sanity will dawn. Only fingers of that light peek through now, but night is ending. The day when it will be such day, it draws near.” Then the prophet disappeared, in a crowd that shuffled onward toward the future.
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