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october 2013

Tired4:04am tuesday, 22nd october
Not going to post for a while. Still alive. Still sane. Just a tad weary.
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Doomsday Clock Redux12:15am sunday, 20th october

I got a new scanner with a setting to scan in higher res without the dots showing:

Click above to get a larger version.

This is the Doomsday Clock that never rang, which I have written about a few times. It’s an Escher, one not easily found in the interwebs. I give it to you in as hi-res as I could get it. Enjoy.

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Ahem3:37am wednesday, 16th october
They say that 90% of men masturbate, and 10% of men lie. I’m no exception, except recently. I quit masturbating for Lent, and that went pretty well. Did not cheat once. 46 days, baby. Then I was back at it. And then, in September, Joan of Arc and John the Baptist both said I masturbate too much, so they suggested I not do so for 40 days. I said OK. I’ve been allowed to get away with murder this time, too. Because I’ve had a limit on the porn I’ve been allowed to download, so if it is too explicit, I basically have to get permission to save it on the hard drive. So I got a bunch that maybe they wouldn’t have taken too kindly to if they didn’t feel bad for making me absolutely celibate. Really, I’m not complaining.
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What’s This?4:13am sunday, 13th october
1. me
2. philip k.
3. johann
4. mary mog
5. moses
6. elijah
7. jeanne
8. mary mag
9. judas
10. peter

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Zachary Odette2:10am wednesday, 9th october
In my visions I have seen one Zachary Odette. He left this realm quite young, from here in this world, which you would know if you frequent my site; I did a post about him here. And you know how I have seen spirit forms of those living, and those dead — so he came upon me during the times after Satan was cast from Heaven, in my last overwhelming of visions. He is currently the only one there who calls me “Stand”. I told him I wished I had emailed him before he decided to leave this place. And he wanted this: I made him my sidekick, for as long as he wants.

There was this, too: I asked him, “If I told you that you would have to go to Hell and burn for eternity, so that others may be saved, would you do it?” ...and a few moments to consider this, and he came back to me with, “I’ll do it, Stand, if you told me that I had to! (You know, and hope you might be able to rescue me.)” And the picture of the game show host in Slumdog Millionaire pops up, “That is the correct answer!” And we dance. He’ll do well in Heaven.

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one1:34am saturday, 5th october
my dreams drink from the endless stream of whispers
flowing from the milky starlight night has spilled from her dark breast
i hear the liquid darkness pools where dip the roots of all knowledge
(all waters reflect infinity, however much they resemble your face)
the darkness shall evaporate from the shoulder of dawn
like a soldier over a hill, another day will rise and subside
my whisper drops into eternity, to be dreamed by someone else

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the blur2:36am tuesday, 1st october
the blur rushes past, what is coming? what has gone?
the mystery unravels from one undone cord
to blow right through the roof of night, beyond
i have outrun the curse, and exhale
the madness that almost comes, lurking overhead
i have faith only in that it all will make sense one day
otherwise are my prophecies child’s wonder...
we stumble into the lap of fate
to curse that which ends up saving our lives
and that madness which threatens like a brooding sky
i will withstand whatever wind and rain
for i am born from above, and light is not so feeble
the mystery that returns back from the farthest edge:
whispers about love from beginning to end
there is no death except we choose to die
the only thing to do in the face of it is to stand
to be one with that light from where is home
to find not just something worth dying for: but to live

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