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Zachary Odette, RIP12:37am saturday, 13th august
Found out that Zachary Odette died, on July 31. One of his friends left a comment elsewhere on this blog, and I did a search for his name and got a link to his obituary. It didn’t say how he died, and I was just wondering, I suppose, in what way he went. I suppose that could be a morbid fascination about the whole thing. I was dazed after finding out. He was only 26. I kept visiting the address of his old website, and that hasn’t been around for months. Just kept going there, from when his hosting account was suspended till now, and I suppose I’ll stop now, knowing that it will never be up again. Never met him personally, never heard his voice. Just from pictures of him and his dogs did I know him. And reading his humor on that website of his. He was so young. How did it happen? I don’t suppose I knew him well enough to ever find out. Wow, sad. I hope Jesus gives him a high five in Heaven.

  Reflection2:00pm saturday, 13th august
I found this."Zachary Odette - Mental health blogger was 'hero' Grand Blanc grad kills self; dad praises his work through website to raise awareness ..." but I didn't find the actual article......Anyway he seemed like a cool dude with a good sense of humour from visiting his website.....Another warrior down..R.I.P

  Anonymous2:25am tuesday, 23rd august

  Anonymous3:37am wednesday, 7th september
He was the best..the very best

  Fellow traveller2:24pm wednesday, 28th september
Rest in peace, Zachary.

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