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Stratospherics5:06am tuesday, 14th january
Time to move on, eh? The Event was world changing, but I think I may have tasted the last vapors of it. Do we go back to an ordinary life? Yet that is never what it was; I lived extraordinarily, though you might not have known that by the look of me. Once there was an author who wrote a book on blogs taken by a post where I said I routinely talked to angels. I wonder what happened to him; I think he would have been intrigued by the Event. This is a life less ordinary, this is a life sublime, a messy life that touches things, touches things that they would have you leave pristine and unchallenged. Not today, world, not today. We will brave the sensory experience.

There are a couple options available to me, none seeming that exciting to me. Perhaps The Lord will provide an e) none of the above that I may fill in the oval with? I await the end of my visionary mindset, perhaps to find an earthly love that I can introduce to heaven? For I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I am right with my God, I am a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. And a friend, maybe even a brother, and a son. Perhaps I have been living in the stratospherics too long, perhaps it is time to land. Earthly delights that call. To live like you mean it. Yes is the answer.

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