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Legend 41:37am saturday, 23rd january
It was thus that SIN began to be, also known as Error, or Pain: the daughter of the DEVIL. In a cruel twist, the light, the life of what was to form would have experienced excruciating pain from the start, which would only have increased, even second by second. Understanding this, the Lord ordered that she should be killed, that central monad of Sin, that which was the looking out, and we mourn for her to this day. The shell of her still acts as though it were alive, for the essence of the living darkness still had the spirit of evil imbued in it. Sin is the one of whom it is said that she is dead, and giving birth to monsters.

Then Lucifer, now Satan and Evil, bred with Sin, and their product was DEATH: the son of Satan and Sin, the son of Evil and Pain. He is also known as the ANTICHRIST, and the daughter is also called, BABYLON. Before this, Death had never been a thought, throughout the whole of Eternity. And before Evil, there had never been any of what might be called “wrong”, anywhere.


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