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Legend 75:41pm tuesday, 9th february
When Satan was cast from Heaven, a part of Heaven (ruined by evil) was cut from the main body and thrown into the earth, that manifest in the unseen world, so that this became what people call HELL. It is a dream kingdom, a dark shadow of Eternity, but with a beginning, and with an end. Satan and the rebel angels draw power from this Hell, and so they bring it with them to exert influence in this world of solidities; and Satan has been called the prince of this world because his dream kingdom trapped the world in this Hell, in the BLACK IRON PRISON. This was the Iron in the Age of Iron, whose face in the world is called the MACHINE. Christ has freed us from the Prison, inside us and outside us, thus shall the Age of Gold begin to commence.

The signs of the Gold is shown by the fact that now we have finally understood what are basic as human rights that all people should have, in democratic governments, and we take to heart the rule of reason. Right over might. The advent of equality is humanity’s saving grace—at least that we have it as an ideal, even as we work towards that and the other ideals of what an Age of Gold can mean.


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