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Legend 811:12pm friday, 12th february
Science has just begun to scratch the surface of what is practical and possible. Which has been responsible for a great deal of the new Age that has come, is coming, and is to come. We are nowhere near the end, and the prophecy can be said: THE BEGINNING IS NEAR. The Last Judgment ultimately to come to let us progress for the next 30, 40, or 50 thousand years in the Age of Gold. Before the foretold tribulation, the dark times before the Lord bodily returns.

God, in ancient days, was manifest in the ways that the world could accommodate Him. One must remember that the wyrds that formed the world—among the wheat were the tares, and with good there was evil, with life there was also calamity. How things were is shown in Job, where Satan was the one responsible for all the evil, yet when God reveals Himself to Job, He mentions him not. God takes all responsibility. Thus it was until the Lord, Jesus Christ, came into the world. He is the Logos, the only way that any may be saved—for he is the only way anything, anywhere may work, at all. And he has overcome death, to grant immortality to those whom he will. And in the Cross, our God’s true nature is revealed to the world: GOD IS LOVE. There is no higher.


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