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Legend 91:57am wednesday, 17th february
In the end, the Lord will sit as Judge, and those whom he does not know will be cast into the SECOND DEATH in the Lake of Fire. The wages of sin is death. The damned will be burned into nothing; pain is given no victory by being eternal outside of Heaven. And Death will die, and there will be no Hell. Satan will be no more.

That End is far off, indeed. The Beginning is near. Repent! For justice Has begun to reign in the material world, if only a toehold. The poor shall be lifted from the dregs and given a voice. The oppressed will have their day, and their oppressors will experience defeat and disgrace. Think not that the Lord tarries in his return, and so we may treat our servants as if they mattered nothing. Split open a block of wood and he is there. He is everywhere, right now, and his is the essence of justice. Do you not see how the world is changing? How it has been changing? Fear not. We have always already won. There is a truth, and it is on our side, friend. Do you as yet not perceive? JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. And the Lord has always been with us. Amen.


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