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dreaming i12:21am thursday, 3rd march
and i, dreaming i
at a height where rhythm cannot reach
a heart that sings when it breaks
a head in the snowfall blur
(i love her most when she's about to leave me)
and i, dreaming i
i traveled to a place that wasn't a place
where light forgets itself
where the darkness flies at dawn
(in a winter's night, you are my sole star in the sky)
and i, dreaming i
at the music of a distant ocean
i find myself a breath away from the moon
mixing stars in my drink
(how solid is the impossible anticipation)
and i, dreaming i
dust to dust, but it is stardust
tasting light traveled a billion years
in fire my atoms were created
(in death i return to every energy i lit afire)
and i, dreaming i
folding up the world and sky
too long i have wondered
what it must be like to awake
(for am i dreaming i, walking forever and forgetting)

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