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Alpha5:20am wednesday, 16th march
The world knows what it is like to come so close, and not to reach the intent. The world knows it well. And we, if we are part of that world, we learn a simple lesson, then: life goes on. We are all of us called to do what we can, with what we have, in the moment—not to wait around listless for better times. And just what is it, what is the best of us, the best that we can do, no matter what conflagration or journey or lull, symphony or tournament or library event? It is the simplest of the simple. Love, of course. Be not but love, do not but love. In this is the wisdom of the soothsayers. Even if you were to be angry, be angry out of love. Be sad out of love. To be fearful, be fearful out of love. For it is anyone's existence, anything's existence: love is all there is. If you truly want to be, you must love. For there is nothing else. Love. There is nothing more.

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