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Finis8:28am tuesday, 26th april
It was almost gone. I awoke and they were all almost closed off, all the cartoons, the angels, the people—they were diminished, at the corners of my mind’s eye, barely there. But then they did come back… some of it, at least, not full blast. It’s been quite better since I started myself on fish oil. But not quite yet, not yet had everything completely receded, not yet am I what would be called “normal”. Tantalizingly close. Oh—and I found out where these people exist, whom I thought were they those we meet in dreams. There was at a point in the past where a certain part of the “realm” I was in contact with fell away, and all the evil people who inhabited that part were now gone. So what place do they inhabit, the living and the dead alike in these visions of mine? Joan of Arc figured it out: it was Purgatory, “an in-between place,” which being in-between, can reach many other corners of all the places that are in the Halospace. And all of it, all of it was so close to being all gone.

You know what happened? I found myself. In this way: all the people I saw, I knew they were not the people who were on earth, or had been, so where was I? Joan of Arc was about to enter Heaven, and I showed up. And then she left me to go be with him. Bodes well for my future, no? And the next day it was as I said above. Jeannette (what Joan wanted me to call her) would pop by a few times after that, until one day I was told by someone that they were gone off with each other, her and my future self—and they would not be returning. And then happened what just may have been my last intense vision: previously, I had only seen the War in Heaven end in piecemeal: now I saw how all the pieces fit together in a flash of progression. And then there was a little housekeeping, dotting those i’s, crossing those t’s. Then as I woke up I saw it, a tunnel in my mind’s eye back to a normal consciousness, my consciousness, as I had before this all started. But first, to get used to the idea, the Lord shut me off from everyone. I am alone, if not yet fully healed.

And this is where I leave you. I know I will get my consciousness back, now. Maybe tomorrow, maybe in a little while, but I have fought the good fight. I have finished the race. Peace be with you all.

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