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Perfectly Fine4:11am saturday, 2nd july
And then there are days
of perfectly fine —
ever hear of those?
I forget for these hours
of what might wait for me
in the wings, let not
the shadows dim my sunshine:
and how the sun does shine
still, out there, in
the real world: one might
think it is an illusion
at first, but when
the warmth stays, and the light
hides nothing behind it,
what is like those times?
When a smile
is just a smile, and laughter
hides no sinister intent...
no dream compares.
The times never last, though,
as much as you think
you can hold on
to such wind and windfall,
and one must move on,
to whatever shadow
waits for you to return:
and wondering
you shall be, if those times
shall make of the harsher hours
better or worse,
to think of sunshine
when there is not but dark.

  Reflection11:54pm tuesday, 5th july
If you cannot live without meds, you cannot live.You know deep down inside who you are,so act like it.

  Reflection11:57pm tuesday, 5th july
If you want to live with alcohol, thats fine.The whole med trip is a doctors point of view.As far as I'm concerned, if you've chosen to have a kid in the last one hundred yrs, well FUCK OFF!

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